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Are You Smiling in the Month of February?

We often get questions from concerned parents when they visit our Grande Prairie orthodontics office. They want to know how orthodontic treatment will help them or their kids. Dr. Randeep Chana has been fixing kids' smiles here in Grande Prairie for years. A common concern with orthodontics is many parents believe that these services will be terribly expensive.
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3 Tips to Keep Your Child’s Orthodontist Visits Pleasant

While working to improve your child's smile with braces can be an exciting life event, it can also cause anxiety for many patients and their parents. Going to regular orthodontist appointments may not be at the top of the list of fun activities you'd prefer to do together, but they are an important part of achieving the results
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Get Different Options for Improving Your Smile

It might be surprising that the holidays are hard on your teeth. You could be under so much stress from running around and getting the family ready for the holidays that you grind your teeth. This pain or discomfort is not okay, and it should not be ignored. If you or your kids are experiencing jaw pain or discomfort, make time for an orthodontic consultation. We are happy to help you at Ortho 101 in Grande Prairie.
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How to Get a Better Smile for Your Kids This Holiday Season!

Having a healthy smile is an important part of maintaining your self-esteem. When you or your child look at your smiles in the mirror, you might notice instances of crowded, overlapping, or crooked teeth. There might also be evidence of an underbite or an overbite. These problems may not cause pain, but they can lead to other health concerns later in life. You want to be sure that your teeth and your child's teeth are evaluated each year for potential issues.
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5 Kind Acts to Make Others Smile!

This month we celebrated World Kindness Day on November 13. This special day inspired us to share 5 ways you can spread kindness. Here are a few ways to spread kindness that are bound to make others smile!
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Thank You For Visiting Us At The Woman’s Show!

This past weekend, we participated in The Woman’s Show at Revolution Place in Grande Prairie. Thank you for coming to visit us at our booth! We loved meeting all of your smiling faces! We hope you enjoyed the giveaways, food samples, networking, fashion shows, trade shows and seminars.
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iTero at Ortho101!

We are excited to announce that we use the iTero scanner at Ortho101! No more sticky impressions or wait time. This advanced technology allows us to get a detailed scan of your smile for treatment.
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