5 Kind Acts to Make Others Smile!

18 Nov 2019 What's New



This month we celebrated World Kindness Day on November 13. This special day inspired us to share 5 ways you can spread kindness. Here are a few ways to spread kindness that are bound to make others smile!

1.) Act of Kindness
There is so much power in a simple act of kindness! Leave a note for your loved one, bring a coffee for your coworker. You will feel amazing and so will they, it’s a win-win! Smiles all around 🙂

2.) Cook
Cook your favourite meal and share it with someone you love. Cooking is a great way to unwind and improve your mood. Is anybody ever not smiling when good food is around?

3.) Help someone
See someone struggling to carry something? Lend them a hand! See someone approaching the door with their hands full? Go ahead, open the door for them. We know a helping hand will bring smiles about!

4.) Leave a generous tip
If a waiter or waitress was friendly to you and provided great service, make their day by leaving them a generous tip and an encouraging note. Expressing gratitude is a kind act that is a proven way to increase happiness!

5.) Thank people
If someone does something kind, thank them! Courtesy is such a simple but fulfilling thing.

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